Limited Edition Klarity 7 Gemstones LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion 30ml

Limited Edition Klarity 7 Gemstones LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion 30ml

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Limited Edition - Klarity 7 Gemstones LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion 30ml 

Limited Edition Series - 7 Precious Gemstones
"Reveal a healthier & glowy skin with vibrational energy through natural gemstones"

Gemstones provide therapeutic value, and so gemstone facials are becoming increasingly popular among people who want a healing treatment that also helps balance their energy levels, since apart from skincare benefits, gemstones can also impact energy and mood.

In fact, using products that contain gemstones can provide you with re-mineralization and energetic benefits. Everything has energy. Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency, and when we apply those vibrations to our skin, we will absorb some of that positive energy. Finally, due to the fact that gemstones provide microcirculation and clarity, they inherently give the skin a special glow.

Gemstones are also believed to have divine powers. They form in nature ranging from thousands to millions of years. Nowadays, the benefits of gemstones are widely recognized and acknowledged. Some benefits are as follows:

  • Healing powers from health to skin
  • Cleansing effect
  • Bringing positivity in life
  • Help maintain balance in life

Is your skin facing such issues?

Featured by Queen Singapore (NuRenWoZuiDa), Taiwanese Popular Beauty Talk Show

Before and After - Instant Whitening

Before and After - Scar Lightening

Before and After - Scar Lightening

Before and After - Dewy and Smooth Skin

Before and After - Reduced Redness

Before and After - Moisture Level Test

Before and After - Non Stickiness Test

Before and After - Reduced Fine Lines

Before and After - Skin Lifting 

KLARITY Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion helps to restore your beauty with at least one tone lighter whitening effect instantaneously. The lotion is enriched with diamond powder, giving you the instant glow after application. Also enriched with wild rose hip extract, which is a source of powerful antioxidant, it helps to prolong skin youthfulness.

With SPF30 PA++, Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion protects your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing photo-aging and dark spots. This 11-in-1 multifunctional CC lotion is light on skin and colorant free. The non-sticky and non-oily formula leaves skin smoother and hydrated.

Non comedogenic.

11-in-1 Functions:
· Whitening
· Purify
· Repair
· Firming
· Smooth
· Soothe
· Hydrate
· Tone
· Anti-aging
· Sun-screen
· Water-proof

Useful tips:
1. The first CC cream with no colorant!
2. Waterproof, stay naturally fair no matter rain or shine.
3. Helps to reduce acnes, lightens acne marks, soothes itchiness, and lightens scar marks.


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How to use?

1. Take adequate amount of lotion and blend evenly over whole face with gentle patting motion.
2. Apply in the same manner for neck and body.
3. Lotion will be absorbed, leaving a supple matte look.